Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blue Skies Everybody!

I think I need a week off after Roy’s presentation. What a hectically fantastic day. I wish I had that man’s energy (well I think I will if I stick to my promise of quitting take-aways). As I’m sitting here typing on my friend’s computer, I’m wearing my hat. And yes, my friend does think I’m a bit crazy.

I never thought I was a creative person. I always thought of it in an artistic light, literally. But to me what stuck out the most during our session was that one always has to re-invent one self to be happy. So I realised I am a creative person because I often find myself re-inventing things and aspects in my life. One example was the way I studied at university. It became boring, repetitive and mind-numbing. I realised I had to change the way I approached my routine and began studying in different rooms and changing my time-patterns. I started pasting notes on my wall and talking out loud. Every semester I tried making it more interesting. Well, I think it worked because I’m sitting with two degrees behind my name.

The colour on my hat right now is orange. I’m still a bit weary of my creativity, especially with my blogging. But looking at my previous blogs, trying to be very critical, I can see a more relaxed tone coming out of my typing as the days go by. Hopefully by the end of this course I’ll be the ultimate Queen Blogger (look, I’m already setting big goals for myself). As Lesley said, our blogging is our evaluation of the presentation so I won’t go further about my blogging experience. But I would just like to share a quick story about the networking and information gathering that Roy was talking about. My friend’s sister has an illness called Lupis which has affected her life in a serious way. The other day I was looking at other blogs on and came across a lady’s blog dealing with her experience with Lupis. I went onto her blog and found plenty of information I can give back to my friend. Now that is what I call networking. For a better understanding of the man himself, here is his website adderess:


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Roy Blumenthal said...

Yo Celeste...

This is a superb blog post. Your tone and manner is very real, warm, engaging. And there's information between the lines.

Please come back and edit this post. Add links to the lupis blog you mentioned, and also link to my blog.

Make it a habit to have at LEAST one outgoing link in every blog post. Go for the low-hanging fruit every time. (For instance, every lecturer will have a website or blog, so when you write up your seminars, link to your lecturers.)

Blue skies

PS: Please go and change your blog settings to allow comments from anyone. You've currently got it set to prevent anonymous comments. It's vital that you change this to allow comments from everyone.

But use the little text verification thingy too. Otherwise your comments will be spammed deluxe.

Also, make sure you allow yourself to moderate the comments. That way you can delete spam if it ever gets through. Without moderating, you can't delete.

At 8:11 AM, Blogger Celeste said...

Hey Roy

Thanks for the comments and advice. I'm on it!



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