Sunday, April 02, 2006

Speak up and speak out

Last week I met a very inspiring woman, Ghadija Vallie, a prominent anti-apartheid activist and a strong woman. She is an example of a brilliant role model to many young women like me. Even though the focus of the seminar was empowering communities and creating opportunities, I received much more from this session than that. I have learnt through her example the importance of humility. Being humble and truthful in your heart will help you through many challenges. We must be passionate in what we do now and in our future jobs, and we must yearn for truth and justice.

Ms. Vallie also mentioned the Mustadafin Foundation which was created from the apartheid era to help victims fight political unrest and violence in the Cape Town area. The people who formed part of this foundation gave their services, food, clothes and many other things to those who have been touched by the violence. Now the foundation has extended their services and helps many other people in and beyond Cape Town (

Thanks to Ms. Vallie for being so inspiring. You mentioned a quote spoken by Steve Biko, “I shall always fight and rise against oppression”. You also said how he used to speak with passion and conviction. This is how we felt about your presentation to us.


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