Sunday, April 02, 2006

This is not just a one-man show

One thing that I never thought of doing is becoming an entrepreneur. I’m not interested in it yet but maybe in the future it will spark my involvement. However, Marius Venter explained to us that you don’t have to be a business owner or inventor to become an entrepreneur. You can use entrepreneuring skills in your future workplace. It is way of inventing new ideas and being creative to be able to help your company save money and become more profitable. Just as long as you got the right idea and the ability to take calculative risks to make it successful. Here is the website of the Department of Trade and Industry’s agency called SEDA (Small Enteprise Development Agency). It is an agency to support small businesses in South Africa, in case someone is keen to do this one day (

Another aspect I learned from Marius is that entrepreneurship is not necessarily a one-man show. It can also be communities. The video we watched on local economic development showed how important and effective it is for people in communities to help each other get jobs, share visions, create ownership and responsibility and so forth. The community must be organised and professional, and there should be good leadership and resources use. Here is the website of Local Economic Development South Africa for more information on local development:


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