Thursday, June 08, 2006

Having a Ball

The past week and a half has been quite busy but exciting. We are busy organising a communications sessions with our supervisor, Fiona, for all the people involved in our business unit.

It is quite a big responsibility to know we are here to do a serious job and no one is going to babysit and see whether we are fine or not. The tasks are given to us with an explanation of what to do and from there on out you’re on your own. It sounds like I’m implying we are being thrown in the deep end. It might be in a slight sense somewhat like that. But in the end of the day I realise how valuable these actions are. I learn more every day. I know how to use the usual office equipment needed for everyday use, and I have learnt the schedule and e-mailing system which RMB uses, I have learnt the importance of good communication, and many more.

Currently I am tackling the task of making a PowerPoint presentation for a our Project Change and Communication session. But this is not your average run of the mill presentation we use to do at university. This is the type where you actually get excited to start creating the next slide because there are so many fun things to do in this programme. It is taking me quite a while to make it perfect, but at least I’m on track regarding my deadline. Eventually I will send it off to Fiona who will check it and help me format it. Holding thumbs.

Another task I had to complete was taking photos of all the people involved in our business unit in order to have all their photos and profiles on our shared computer system. Even though it was quite embarrassing to go around to about 20 people and ask for their photo (including some hard battles with those who didn’t want theirs taken), it turned out to be an eventful and beneficial task. I got to meet everyone involved in our unit, and I got to learn all their names by putting faces to it.

I am still having ball at RMB. From learning and working hard to having fun in the office and making friends - this journey is truly worth it.


At 7:27 AM, Blogger yoli'sworld said...

Hello Celetse, I know what you mean when say it looks as if you have thrown at the deep end. That is how I felt when I was putting together The AICC newsleeter, but at the same time I was excited that I was doing something completely new, but at the end of the task that you have been given I promise You,you Will feel so Good that you wii feel like asking for something much more difficult.



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