Thursday, May 18, 2006

My first month gone

A month has gone past and I’m dreading the time to pass over. Another two months left of my internship and its back to the drawing board. Today I had some extra time on my hands so I updated my CV. It’s a good feeling to add something to the experience section. The “chicken or egg” situation is seemingly brighter now.

This week started off in a rush. Traffic from Fourways to Sandton gave me the realisation that nothing can be worse than this so I knew it could only be a good day. I had another opportunity of helping set up a little function for our business unit. Even though it was small it was exciting to help organise. I was even invited to stay on for the festivities. Maybe events management should be my calling.

During this past week and month that have just flown by, I have made some mistakes in the workplace. Thank goodness they were little with no bad effects, but it is still sometimes embarrassing. But those who work with me took the time to point out my mistakes and give me constructive advice on how to fix it and how to go about doing it better next time. Examples of these mistakes were forgetting to fetch the printer cartridge from another department. The printer stood empty for a while until somebody needed to use it and nothing was there. Another example was helping set up interviews for potential employees. From double booking candidates to not booking a boardroom, you name it, I did it. But it took me one day to learn from my mistakes and I succeeded with the help from my colleagues. Now I’m settled and relaxed and things have been running smoothly ever since.

In the end the function mentioned above was a success and everybody had fun. It gave the group an opportunity to relax after work and benefit from the care the company gives them. I have noticed that RMB finds it extremely important to keep the employees happy and satisfied at all times. They say one should assess a company on how they treat their employees. And its no shock that RMB has won one of the Best Companies to Work For as voted by the employees.


At 7:55 AM, Blogger Cyrille Mutombo said...

Hey Celeste, time goes so quickly!Hope you are doing well.

On my side everything is ok and the wedding plans are quite slow as she is still busy preparing for exams to be written in June. She is doing Bio-medical 3rd year. I do not want to go back now and give her tough time to choose between me and school though I really miss her; 7 months are gone since I last saw her. I am likely to see her by July only.

I read your post on IFIs. I do agree that we should also talk of the benefits of IFIs or globalization and I think I will be blogging two posts, one on the benefits of globalization (IFIs, MNCs, or some thing else) and another one on the negative side. Then I will leave it to the reader to appreciate between the two. I can’t make it in one, I know my self, I write a lot and I still have to work hard on keeping my posts shorter. It was hard to keep my assignments as short as possible. I simply gave up working on that since I no longer consider it to be a weakness. But I must also acknowledge that sometimes I overwrite. The core of my MA report is 115pages [1.5 line spacing excluding bibliography and annexes… I struggled to make it so short from the last draft, I had to compile so many things and my supervisor was clear on that: do not cut off some parts, everything makes sense but compile it in a shorter version. I worked on the World Bank latest policy on poverty reduction by making a three-fold analysis, using neo-liberal, Marxist and post-structural theories and see the most likely to explain whether the policy shift was genuine or not. I will be blogging on it as soon as the external examiner sends his feedback.

Let’s keep the team blog and see where it goes.

Take care

At 12:15 AM, Blogger Celeste said...

Hey Cyrille

I'm sure you're missing your fiance, but its very big of you to give her space to study and become a successful young woman. You must be very proud.

Can't wait for your two posts. And I think you've got it spot on that there is nothing wrong with writing a long entry. All you need to remember is to make it exciting to the reader and it will be great.

I'm also very excited about your research on the policy shifts of the World Bank. My analysis in my long essay last year was about the so-called paradigm shift between the Washington Consensus and the Post Washington Consensus.

Unfortunately the essay had to be so short that I couldn't analyse countries or connect my findings to theories or anything like that. But eventually my conclusion was that the Post Washington Consensus is just a word to try and moralise the ideology of IFIs. Maybe I should wait and see what you found. I'm very excited for that.

Keep well

At 6:46 AM, Blogger yoli'sworld said...

Hi Celeste I am glad that you are telling us that you have made mistakes at RMB, becasue this is one of the issues that I am afraid of. However you blogging abou the mistakes reminds me that we are humans and we are allowed to make mistakes.



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