Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Our presenters

I was thrilled that Mr. Kuseni Dlamini and Tracey Rowe could join us on Monday and Tuesday. Like all the other presenters, they took the time out of their busy schedule to help us understand the world of work. Sometimes one feels that people in higher rankings or professions than us don’t have the time to come and help us graduates. But our guest lecturers are the exception. There are those who love to help us get our foot in the door and even those who are excited to take us under their wing.

Mr. Dlamini and Ms. Rowe's seminars inspired me even more to follow my dream of becoming a successful business woman in the corporate political and economic environment. These are two aspects which I’m greatly interested in and which cannot be separated, especially in the 21st century. And to be able to reach this dream, professionalism should be my number one priority. This will in turn help me obtain my goals, and be passionate and driven. I once read somewhere that humble people are small in their own eyes, honest about their struggles, and open to constructive criticism. I hope I will reflect this in my future job and personal life, and that somewhere down the line I will make that difference.

It was a great honour to have Mr. Dlamini as our guest lecturer to open our eyes to potential opportunities and the necessity of accepting change on a global scale. Being a prominent business man who worked at Anglo Gold Ashanti ( and now the newly appointed Executive Chairman of Richards Bay Coal Terminal (, we would like to thank you for joining us and exposing us to the business world.

And thank you to Tracey Rowe from Investec ( for showing us how important it is to be flexible in whatever you do, but at the same time keeping a balance between your family and career. And no matter what, I will be proud of what I do.


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