Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The last month of our internship

This week has been filled with administrative odds and ends. Its fun to do these things because it gives me a break from doing research and sitting behind the computer all day, which often takes its toll on the body. Our research on Change and Communications Management toolkits is going great and Mpho helps me a lot. This is the task we have been given right at the beginning of our internship and every now and then, between all the other tasks we have been given, we will sit down and concentrate on this work.

I’m very excited for next week. We are invited to a seminar on Change and Communications Management with our other supervisor, Michele Wickham. A couple of weeks ago she went to a worldwide conference on this specific topic in Colorado and is going to give us the feedback on Tuesday.

I’ve have loved working life so far. My daily routine never gets tedious and seeing friends for a quick drink after work is also great. Most of my friends work so all of us know that time is precious with your friends. I was also told the novelty of working life will wear off but so far I’m still enjoying every moment.


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Fiona said...

HI Celeste
I have not had much time to comment lately but have been watching your blogs with anticipation. I love reading them and am finding ways to use blogs more in the project teams that we work with! I am glad that you have enjoyed the past few months with us at RMB - you have certainly made our lives easier and you have definitely made your mark here. I hope that you will take away some worthwhile experiences, but I am confident that whatever it is that you choose to do in your life will be a success. One does not need several degrees to be a success at work - it all boils down to attitude and the willingness to learn. Remember Taryn spoke about this at the last induction session when she said that at RMB, if you have the right attitude, we are prepared to teach you the skills. Having the right skills and the wrong attitude is a recipe for disaster in most organisations. One of the things I have observed over the past few months working with you is how important your particular attitude is. You embrace my definition of employability. At the last meeting I had with Lesley she asked me what my definition of employability is. My answer referred to your attitude! I have noticed how you have always done every thing asked of you - no matter how menial I may have thought the task was. You have shown initiative in coming up with ideas and solutions, and I really value being able to leave you to get on with things. You have also made an effort to get to know all the people you have worked with at RMB. Many interns make the mistake of staying quietly in their own area believing that the temporary nature of their internship means they don't have to make an effort to mingle and form relationships. You have not done this - and it is precisely because of this that you have made you mark on us here. As I have also said to Lesley - you are an asset to the team here, and your classmates at WOW can be proud of what you have done for the programme. The WOW programme must be great if it produces people like you! You can be really proud of yourself too and I will definitely be staying in touch to track your career progress. For someone like you - the sky is the limit! I am saying this now as I am not sure that I will get the chance to say it before you leave us - and I really want you to know your potential! Good luck in everything you do!


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